- Polygraph testing | Corporate security

The polygraphic testing service in the business world has long been recognized, and given its comprehensiveness and reliability, it has become one of the standard and key elements within the corporate security protection process.

The polygraph test has proven to be extremely effective in the following situations:

  • checking potential employees
  • checking loyalties of current employees
  • checking (potential) business partners and associates
  • internal thefts
  • suspicion of involvement in unauthorized and criminal activities of people who can significantly influence and undermine reputation and business success of the company
  • suspicion of receiving bribes and corrupt actions
  • etc.

Since we are aware of the delicacy of the situation, we approach each request responsibly, discreetly and professionally in accordance with the law and ethical and moral principles.

All polygraph tests are performed by a licensed polygraph examiner.

If you are interested in this service you can contact us at the official e-mail: detektiv.mreza.st@gmail.com or call us directly at mobile number +385 91 152 5455.