- TSCM | Vehicles

The Detective Agency Mreža is a specialized agency for performing complete TSCM of a vehicles.

TSCM refers to electronic and physical inspection of a vehicles in order to find and neutralize eavesdropping devices—or really, any unwanted surveillance device used by a nefarious third-party in order to spy on their target.

Our TSCM surveys will identify attacks from the widest range of threats including covert cameras, listening devices, GSM devices, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS trackers, etc.

The price of TSCM is available on request.

We are prompt in responding to all related queries with highly authenticated piece of advice.

If you need are interested in this service, you can send us e-mail on: detektiv.mreza.st@gmail.com or simply call us on the official phone number +385 91 152 5455 and obtain a free quote.

WARNING: In case you are willing to contact us, do not use the device that you believe to be eavesdropped, nor from the building that may be under audio/video surveillance.