Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Our vulnerability to eavesdropping is greatly endangered; not only does it pose a risk for the business entities, but it also affects individuals. Every year, companies lose millions of dollars due to industrial espionage and theft of trade secrets and intellectual property, as a consequence of insufficient number of security programs and with the neglecting the counterintelligence protection. Your business arrangements, together with your business plans guarantee your success. In case of 'information leakage' you may become subject to great financial losses, as well as suffer the legal consequences due to incapability of securing the professional secrets. Moreover, such as security negligence may greatly affect your company's reputation and may have a negative impact on your future business cooperation, clients, stakeholders and the overall public.

Nowadays, listening devices are relatively cheap, easily available, and they are being sold without any control. Thus, anyone in your surrounding can easily eavesdrop on you – your business partners, spouse, or company's competitors.

Our team of experts, with a long-running experience in the field, will provide a security solution, which comprises:

- Physical and technical surveillance countermeasures for a single office or entire building, for vehicles, vessels, in order to detect or locate electronic devices for audio/video surveillance, regardless of the fact if they are active, logged off, or even switched off. Our agency uses the cutting-edge technology which can be seen in the video.

- Computer analysis in search for Malware, Spyware, Keylogger, Remote Access Trojans, Rootkits, and other application that the standard anti-virus programs cannot detect. Apart from the secrete surveillance of your keyboard and monitor in the real time, a spy can turn on the camera and microphone with a remote control system and undetectably steal files from your computer.

- Forensic analysis of smartphones and tablets with the aim of detection and removal of spyware programs. Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular all over the world, with more than 7 billion users, and thus, they have become the prime target for the Cyber espionage. Once your mobile device has been infected with a malware application, a spy can eavesdrop on your calls, read your SMS or e-mails, or even steal your photos, files and other crucial information, without your noticing it. Every 18 seconds one new malware app is being detected, which amounts to approximately 200 new malware applications per hour.

WARNING: In case you are willing to contact us, do not use the device that you believe to be eavesdropped, nor from the building that may be under audio/video surveillance.